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 Glorfindel's main trigger warnings revolve around battle and death.  He died battling a balrog, so there will be mentions of burning to death.
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1) Glorfindel has a very strong Fëa (/soul/aura) that can be sensed and seen by those sensitive to it.  To 'evil' or bad characters this can create a negative reaction, and likewise to good/pure characters a positive one.  To those who can see it, he would appear to be glowing.  If you think this would affect your character, or that they would be able to sense it, let me know!

2) As an elf, Glorfindel has limited telepathy.  Since he's not trained it, it's unlikely that he can contact anyone who isn't an elf, but strong telepaths might be able to contact him.  Let me know if this applies to your character!

3) And again, as a mary sue of middle-earth, Glorfindel has limited ability to contact animals.  Again, in his case it's unpractised, and is more likely to materialise as a general sense of emotion rather than actual communication.  If this would apply to your character let me know!

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 Gabriel West
(Jonathan Gabriel Ford)
(Glorfindel | Middle-earth)
Model/Charity Worker/Botany Lecture at Locke University



Reincarnated history )

Please note that while I'm using Andreja Pecjic as a PB she represents Gabriel as he was when he was 20s, and that when he enters the game he'll appear much older.  Also, I'm using a female PB for a male character, please remember this when referring to her.


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Email: Gabriel.west at


'Based on traditional use'
History of plants in medicine
25% exam 25% group presentation 50% coursework

'Colonial botanists:
an introduction to the botanists of the 19th century and the lasting effects of their work'
50% coursework 50% exam

'Based on traditional use'
History of plants in medicine

An in detail look at the use of plants in medicine today.
'Based on traditional use' is a prerequisite to taking this class.
25% lab work 75% exam

In addition to this he's on campus all day tuesday/wednesday for tutoring, and by arrangement at any other time for his masters/phd students


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(always unanswered unless a recognised number)

"You've reached Gabriel West.  Unfortunately, I'm unavailable at the moment, but leave your name and a contact method and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able."


"Hi, it's Gabriel!  I can't get to my phone right now, but leave me a message and I'll get back to you.  Cheers!"


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First Echo physical tier 1: Deaging from 50 to 20 at the rate of about a year a week )

Second Echo mental tier 1: Understanding Sindarin but not speaking it.

Third Echo physical tier 1: Glorfindel's elven eyesight. The immediate effect is to return his eyesight to it's peak condition when he was a young man, and as he continues to deage it will improve until he's able to make out figures miles away.

Fourth Echo memory/physical tier 2: Memory of the ford of Bruinen and some of his elven spirit.  Evil beings will be uneasy around him, and good and pure ones more comfortable; for neutral characters this depends on their actions/interests at the time (ie if they're doing something they shouldn't they'd be uncomfortable)

Fifth Echo memory tier 1: A vague memory of Rivendell, centred around Elrond's rooms where he'd have encountered it most, and the sense of 'home'.

Sixth Echo memory tier 1: The tra la la lalley song which the elves sang at the dwarves as they arrived at Rivendell in the Hobbit:

O! What are you doing )

Seventh Echo memory tier 1: Fire and the loss of a homeland echoes the destruction of Gondolin. Gabriel remembers facing the sunrise and songs of celebration and then fire and the songs turning to screams.

Eighth Echo memory tier 1: The memory of his arrival in Middle Earth for the first time: crossing the last of the Grinding Ice and spotting land under the first moonrise.

Ninth Echo Item/Ability tier 2 (wise snake): His sword from Gondolin and the ability to use it. The canonical swords we have from the city are Sting, Glamdring and Orcrist (from left to right, Sting is a knife rather than a sword) so it would look similar to the three of them. I'm making this up entirely, but there's no description: it would have a blade similar to Sting's, and a hilt more like Glamdring's. It'd be two handed and glow blue in the presence of orcs, though that's unlikely to be relevant anytime soon.  ETA: Someone had the same sort of idea sword wise as I did.

Tenth Echo memory tier 1: From snakes attacking the city he'll remember that the city he called home was destroyed, linked with his seventh echo

Eleventh Echo memory tier 1: The memory of the last time Glorfindel saw Orcrist: Ecthelion's death at the hands of Gothmog the balrog during the fall of Gondolin.

Twelfth Echo ability tier 1: From the Las Vegas lights.  Quenyan as a mother tongue, replacing English. While he's still fluent in English, he thinks in Quenyan, and finds it easier to speak it. He'll stumble over English when he's tired, and find somethings easier to explain in Quenyan. When writing notes he finds it quicker/easier to write in Quenyan.

Thirteenth Echo memory tier 1: From the item monsters.  The memory of the crests/emblems of the twelve Gondolin houses and their names.

Fourteenth Echo physical/ability tier 2: (April) Glorfindel's elven ears and the hearing that comes with them.

Fifteenth Echo mental tier 1: the sense of duty and protection Glorfindel had towards Turgon and his heirs.

Sixteenth Echo item tier 1: Alien broadcast.  The beryl/elf stone he left after chasing the Nazgûl off the bridge.

Seventeenth Echo mental tier 1: the elven fascination and fascination for the stars.

Eighteenth Echo memory tier 1: that his name was Glorfindel and he had other names (but not what the names are)

Nineteenth Echo ability tier 1: the ability to read and write tengwar

Twentieth Echo memory tier 1: encouraging the dwarves into the fountain in Rivendell

Twenty First Echo memory/physical tier 2 (June) (Car rampage plot): The memory of escaping Gondolin with the refugees of the city, only to be confronted by a balrog on the mountain side (he won't know the name 'balrog', just remember what it looks like) and that he then chose to fight it to give the others a chance to escape, knowing that he was unlikely to survive. With this, the rest of his elven spirit, which was so strong in canon because of the sacrifice he made on the mountain. It will strengthen the effect of what he already has and mean that he appears to have a slight glow to anyone attune to it (canon's not particularly helpful, but since it's related to his spirit I think it would be anyone who can see ghosts, those with magical abilities and those dying, as well as animals)

Twenty Second Echo memory tier 1: Memory of the feast that was held in Frodo's honour at the beginning of Many Meetings; that there was a feast in Rivendell that was attended by all the folk who had gathered in Rivendell preceding the Council of Elrond (including some dwarves, at least one of whom was vaguely familiar to him from a long time ago), and that the person who was on the horse at the ford (echo 4 again!) was a guest of honour.

Twenty Third Echo memory tier 1: Memory of teaching people to fight as captain of Rivendell.

Twenty Fourth Echo memory tier 1 (blackout plot): Knowledge of Eru/the valar: the god and demi-gods from his old life.

Twenty Fifth Echo memory tier 1: The memory of the Hall of Fire after the feast held in Frodo's honour in the Fellowship of the Ring, or mainly the song that Bilbo and Aragorn wrote and sang there about Eärendil's tale.

Twenty Sixth Echo ability tier 1: Elven ability to deal with extremes of temperatures. He'll barely notice temperatures between 0-40 celsius, and above or below that it would start to affect him on the same scale before (ie, -25c would feel about 0c to him, 50c would feel about 35c. He'll be better protected against extreme cold than heat: he would still burn if exposed to extreme heat or touches something hot and frostbite would still affect him if the temperature gets low enough.

Twenty Seventh Echo memory tier 1: The memory of his death.

Twenty Eighth Echo memory tier 2 (pink lights over Lapland): A ballad of the fall of Gondolin featuring the fall of Glorfindel the Balrog Slayer, and then from the name 'Gondolin' the memory of the first time he saw the city fully built, when he moved there with Turgon.

Twenty Ninth Echo physical tier 2 (pink lights over Christmas Island): Glorfindel's height and physical strength: Gabriel is already fairly tall, so he'll only need to grow by a few inches to about six and a half feet tall. Physically, elves aren't described as much stronger than humans, but as Glorfindel was a warrior and Gabriel is nothing of the sort, his core strength and endurance will improve to within human limits, but noticeably better than before.

Thirtieth Echo memory tier 1 (moving to Erebor): The memory of being stuck in a cold, lonely place with no access to the outside.

Thirty First Echo memory tier 1: The memory of Tuor's coming to Gondolin and giving Ulmo's warning, and of Turgon's refusal to leave.

Thirty Second Echo memory tier 1: That there was a High King of the elves (and a king above him) and then other kings and princes of their own realms.

Thirty Third Echo memory tier 1: A meeting with 5 or 6 other people, all of high status, to discuss great danger. The danger and the other people aren't remembered in detail, but one is, and he'll associate the name of Gandalf with that person.

Thirty Fourth Echo
memory tier 1: Memory of the events from finding Aragorn and the hobbits to the fords of Bruinen


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IP off, anon on.
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OOC Information:
Name: Gilbert
Are you over 15? Very much so
Contact: PM this account

IC Information:
Name: Glorfindel
Reincarnation: Birth name Jonathan Gabriel Ford, working name Gabriel West.
Canon and medium: Middle-earth/Tolkien’s work. Primarily the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion. Books.
Age: At least 7000, but he was born before the sun was made so there’s no way to reckon the time before that.
Reincarnation: 51, but looks young for his age (early-mid 40s, ignore the playby)
Preincarnation Species: Elf, specifically one of the Noldor, though given his hair amongst other things it’s likely that he has Vanyarian blood.
Preincarnation Appearance: All elves are ageless and beautiful in appearance, and Glorfindel more so than most. He has long blonde hair (he’s named for it) and he’s tall and lithe. To the mortal eye there’s something otherworldy about him, and even to other elves, having died and been brought back to Middle-earth, and being of the Noldor on top of that. But he’s no weakling, and very much lithe rather than thin. Unlike some elves, he’s not very solemn and smiles a lot; he’s joyful and lively. This shows in his posture as well as in his face and eyes and his gestures are open and friendly, leaning into people and rarely sitting still.

Any differences: While there’s still something ethereal about Gabriel it’s more of a mortal beauty, and has faded with age. When he was young he was thin, androgynous and beautiful, and he still is, in a faded sort of way. While he looks young for his age, he’s definitely not in his teens any more, or even his thirties, and there’s more weight to him now. It no longer looks like a misplaced wind will blow him off his feet, and more like he might actually withstand a punch or two should he get in a fight. His hair is starting to fade to a paler, whiter blonde and his hairline has started to retreat. He’s also stiffer in his movements than Glorfindel, and with age he’s lost some of his boundless energy.

Generally, though, the differences between Gabriel and Glorfindel are the changes that being mortal bring: scars and lines, normal ears and more of a human height and build, less wisdom and more mortality.

Preincarnated History: Wiki for Glorfindel
And LotR wiki for Glorfindel of Gondolin and Glorfindel of Rivendell.

Glorfindel’s history is a tricky one, and one that Tolkien himself hadn’t decided on. To understand it, you need to know that elves do not reuse names. But there are two Glorfindels: Glorfindel, captain of Gondolin in the Silmarilion, and Glorfindel of Rivendell who saves Frodo in the Lord of the Rings. Tolkien was unsure how to reconcile the problem of Glorfindel, but just before he died wrote about him being the same elf, and it’s that version of Glorfindel that I’m apping. Without the reincarnation Glorfindel would still be a high-elf, and his background would be very similar to Glorfindel of Gondolin, it’s only defining him as the balrog slayer that makes him stand out. So while it’s not exactly headcanon, it’s not exactly canon either because Tolkien died before he made a decision.

Glorfindel was born on Eldamar, elvenhome on the island of the Gods (Valinor), under the light of the Two Trees, which were made by the Gods and lit the world prior to the sun and the moon being made. However, the trees were destroyed by the corrupt God Melkor (the Dark Lord that taught Sauron everything he knows), and at the same time he stole the three precious gems the Silmarils, made by Glorfindel’s kinsman and Prince of Elves, Fëanor. Fëanor swore an oath to retrieve the jewels and to keep them from the Gods who wanted to use the light contained within to replace the Trees, and like many others, Glorfindel was swept up by the oath and left Valinor for Middle-earth.

However, there was the slight problem of a large ocean between the two. Fëanor fixed this in the most awful way – the Kinslaying at Alqualondë, the first time elves killed other elves. Reluctant to leave Eldamar, Glorfindel was one of the elves that arrived too late to do anything about it, Fëanor having already left in the Teleri’s boats. With no other option open to them, Glorfindel and the other Noldor left behind took the long and treacherous journey across the Helcaraxë, the ice that covered the north of the sea between Valinor and Middle-earth. Many elves died along the way, including the wife of Glorfindel’s lord, Turgon.

When they reached Middle-earth he remained with Turgon and helped him to build Vinyamar and after Turgon was visited by the God Ulmo Glorfindel helped him to build the secret city of Gondolin. When it was ready Turgon and his people retreated into the mountains and locked themselves away from the wars and troubles of Middle-earth. There Glorfindel became Lord of one of the houses of the city, and a captain of Turgon’s army.

The elves of Gondolin locked themselves away and refused to involve themselves in the war that Fëanor’s sons waged against Melkor to reclaim the Silmarils. The only time they emerged was to take place in the battle that was later named the battle of the Unnumbered Tears, in which Glorfindel fought alongside Ecthalion as Turgon’s captains. They escaped thanks to two humans that Turgon had looked after and retreated back to Gondolin, where they remained undisturbed until another human, Tuor, found his way through the gates. By this time Turgon was the High King of the Noldor, his father and older brother having been slain by the war against Melkor, and Melkor’s full attention was focused on bringing down Gondolin.

He found his way in through Maeglin, an elf in love with Turgon’s daughter Idril, despite them being first cousins. He was captured by orcs after fighting with Tuor who married Idril (the second union between elves and men), and gave away Gondolin in return for the promise of her and the city.

Melkor sent fire drake dragons and balrogs to destroy Gondolin, setting on the city during a festival when the elves were most off their guard. But Idril had had foresight relating to the downfall of her father’s city and built a secret passage out of the city that Maeglin had no knowledge of. After evacuating those they could from the city, Idril and Tuor led their people down the passage, with Glorfindel. However, Melkor had set watchers in the mountains in case anyone tried to escape that way and they were caught off guard by some orcs and a balrog. Glorfindel laid down his life to allow his people to escape. He fought the balrog for a long time and is one of three named balrog slayers in the canon, along with his ally and friend Ecthalion who died before him in Gondolin slaying Gothmog, the first and captain of the balrogs, and Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings (who, like the Balrogs, was a demi-god). However, as he killed the balrog with a strike to the stomach, the balrog grabbed Glorfindel by the hair that he was named for and pulled him off the mountain path.

Glorfindel’s soul travelled to the halls of Mandos, but his body was born up by the great Eagles that lived in the mountains (the ancestors of the Eagles featured in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings) and he was buried under a mound of stones, where yellow flowers grew thereafter.

Glorfindel dwelt in the Halls of Mandos in peace for many years, but as many elves are he was eventually given a new body. However, unlike many elves he was driven to return to Middle-earth, especially when he heard of the new threat that Middle-earth faced: Sauron, Melkor’s ally and second in command. After returning he immediately pledged himself to the service of Gil Galad, the High King of the Elves after the death of Turgon. It was under him that he met Elrond and fought at the battle of the last Alliance where Isidur took the One Ring from Sauron.

After the battle of the last Alliance, he followed Elrond in the wake of Gil Galad’s death. He took up a position familiar to him; captain of the guard at Rivendell. It was in this position that
he fought against the evil that reawakened during the battle of Fornost. When he arrived at the head of a force of elves from Rivendell the Witch-king’s armies were set to retreat. It was then that the Witch-king revealed himself, and when he laughed all trembled except for Glorfindel who advanced on him still. It was then that the Witch-king finally fled, and Ëarnur, son of the king of Gondor set to follow him, but Glorfindel stopped him, which is when he prophesied that ‘far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall’.

When Frodo came to Rivendell over a millennia later, Glorfindel was still captain there and it was he that rescued the dying Hobbit from the clutches of the Nazgûl (and not Arwen or Legolas as Certain Filmakers that we none the less love and adore would have you believe) and stood against the Nazgûl again at the Ford of Bruinen. After rumour that the nine were abroad reached Rivendell, Glorfindel set out with those of Elrond’s household who were able to stand up to the Nazgûl. It was his task to watch the road and he was out for nine days before he found Frodo, Aragorn and the others. After doing what he could to make Frodo more comfortable, he pushed them on, knowing that the Nazgûl were behind them so that they reached the Ford just before them. Just before Frodo succumbed to the wound on his shoulder he saw Glorfindel as a shining figure, as he and Aragorn drove the Nazgül into the Bruinen, whch Gandalf later explains is because he is an Elf-lord of ‘a house of princes’.

He was present at the Council of Elrond, where he advises against giving the ring to Tom Bombadil, saying that he couldn’t stand alone against Sauron’s power. He suggests that the only options are to destroy it or to send it over the sea, and he suggests throwing it into the sea and letting it get lost there, but Gandalf points out that it would be found again, and that is when they come to the conclusion that it must be destroyed.

He was considered as one who might accompany Frodo to Mordor, but as Gandalf said, with all of his power he could not assure the safe passage of the ring by force alone and he remained in Rivendell where he protected it from the onslaught of Sauron’s forces during the war of the Ring. After the destruction of the One Ring he accompanied Elrond and Arwen to Arwen’s wedding to Aragorn in Gondor, and sometime after that he passed out of Middle-earth to Valinor.

Reincarnated History: Gabriel was born in London in the late 1960s. His childhood was very ordinary – he was a social and charismatic boy and did well in sports and science. He hit puberty at the same time as glam rock started to debut in the city, and both served him well. He’d always been a pretty boy, but he sprung up like a weed, and while there were a few years of lanky awkwardness, by the time he was seventeen there was no denying that he was beautiful. Along with his bright blonde hair, now grown out past his shoulders, and piercing blue eyes, he had just the right look and was just the right age when the new romantic period began.

He was scouted as a model three months into a botany degree, and while he balanced both for a while by the time summer rolled round he was working too much to keep up with degree and put it on hold. His peak lasted about two years from that point, and for another three years after that he was still able to work full time. After those first six years as he started to grow old for a model and aesthetic ideals changed he found work starting to dry up. It probably didn’t help that he was never very interesting from a journalistic point of view, and while there were some attempts to dig up some dirt on him there was nothing to find. He was never interested in drugs, or in parties aside from the social (and dancing) aspect of them, and while a few people speculated that his lack of love life meant he was hiding some awful secret, in reality he just never found the need to go out seeking love, deciding that when he found the one for him he’d know. Had asexuality been a recognised thing when he was younger he might have identified as asexual, but as it is he doesn’t find a need to describe himself.

Following this he returned to university to complete his degree, and after getting a first he did a phd as well. After finishing that he was starting to look into graduate jobs as well as doing a few print shoots on the side. In 1997 Princess Diana died, and suddenly Gabriel found what he’d been lacking all of his life – a cause. He became outspoken about the paparazzi treatment of celebrities, having seen first hand what happened to his friends when he had been a model. He took to pressure groups like a duck to water, and there were three main causes that he became known for: celebrity privacy, environmentalism and human welfare. Pumping his money into charities, he became spokesman for several, staring in documentaries and ad runs, and later formed his own to support those on a lower income (funding things like homeless shelters, literacy classes, childcare for parents in work and activity centres for young people in deprived areas).

He moved to Locke City in the late 2000s. By this point he was modelling again, better known again because of his charity activities and he was also offered a post at Locke university as a teacher in botany. Moving allowed him to expand his charity to the east coast of America with the aim of expanding it through the whole country.

Five years later finds him still at his post at the university, but his charity seems to have hit a road block. Having settled in Locke city he had hoped to use it as a poster boy for the effect that his charity could have, but despite all of his best efforts hasn’t seen the same kind of affect that he’s been able to induce in British cities. It’s something that’s been bothering him, a mark on his pride, and he’s come to focus all of his attention on the city, to the detriment of some of his other charities and the progress that he had made in the UK.

First Echo: During the earthquake at the beginning of December, Gabriel was in the Dead District. He was working on opening another homeless shelter and while in the area had decided to drop in on an old building that he knew was frequented by a couple of men that he knew. He was already on the first floor when it struck, and being the idiot hero that he is he carried on up the stairs, wanting to make sure that everyone was all right.

But the earthquake had ruptured a gas pipe and it only took moments before a spark caught and the explosion further damaged the already battered building. By this time, Gabriel was on the top floor, and worried for the others, he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. A rafter fell from the ceiling, missing him by inches, but snagging on his hair enough to drag him off his balance and through the hole that it left through two floors of building.

Being dragged by his hair to fall through fire echoed his first death, shocking his body into saving him. He hit the floor and was knocked unconscious so he’s unaware of the real devastation that it wrecked on him, because as the echo took affect his body turned back time, reverting to how it had been moments before and then carrying on, starting to revert him to the apparent age that he had been when he was an elf.

Unconscious for only a moment he was able to drag himself out, and he was taken to hospital for burns and smoke inhalation, and like the doctors believed in his luck that he’d had no worse injuries than a few bruises from the fall. Most people thought that he’d exaggerated and only fallen one fall, or that the unconsciousness had affected his memory. The effect from the echo was slow enough that there were no obvious changes, and even when he was released and returned home he was left with nothing more than a string of numbers in his head.

In the weeks since he’s been reading the network in secret, taking it in and not commenting, trying to work out what’s happening.

The echo itself set Gabriel’s body to return to how it was when he was twenty. It’s a slow process of about a year a week, so should take about thirty weeks to complete and ten weeks to be noticeable, so the process will finish around July/August 2014.

Preincarnation Personality: Above all things, Glorfindel is a fighter. He was a captain in both of his previous lives, gong back to what he knows best despite having died through it. He’s not one to lay back and let things happen, he will throw himself right into the thick of things and stay there until he’s seen it through, as is seen in the way that he rides out to find Frodo and stays out despite the danger until he finds him. He’s also charismatic, and people like him and he likes people. He’s at his best in a large group and his confidence means that it’s easy for people to believe in him and what he says. Of course his background helps with that, but before he died the same applied, it’s just that afterwards people followed him for his name initially, and then for himself afterwards. He’s a leader and not a follower, but he’s also wise enough to know to take in other people’s opinions and to be flexible. While he’s not indecisive, he will make spur of the moment decisions, and also change his decision if that’s what’s needed to keep people safe.

This also leads into him being a Big Damn Hero. He wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing his life for his people – he already did once. He’s not stupid enough to get himself injured unnecessarily, but he will take blows for other people if there’s no other way. Tolkien describes him as ‘fearless’, which makes sense. After all, the worst that could happen has already happened to him, and Glorfindel wouldn’t want it to happen again but if it does he knows he can survive it (it’d be awfully inconvenient for protecting Middle-earth to die again though, which is why he’ll avoid it). He finds the way that people look up to him for it embarrassing because for him it was something that he would never not have done. It’s built into the very core of him to protect people so there was no decision to make. He’s proud that he helped Tuor and Idris and their people escape, but uneasy around the hero worship that the act bestowed on him (there are songs written about his fall, and should one of them be sung in his presence he’ll be uneasy enough to leave if he can without causing offence). His fall haunts him still, but not in a way that he’d allow anyone to see, and not in a way that blights his day to day life.

Glorfindel was never studious, preferring to be active than stuck inside with books, but being immortal and all that he’s seen in his long life means that he’s full of knowledge. What he knows comes not from reading or books, but from experience, and while he’s no comparison to scholars like Elrond, he’s picked up enough to be counted amongst the wise. Magic and facts aren’t his forte (although he still knows a lot of history and languages simply from having lived through it or having used them) but more down to earth knowledge, things like the crafting of weapons, when the tide turns in a battle, the signs of an oncoming storm.

Being stuck in the halls of Mandos was difficult for Glorfindel, and when he was given a new body he swore to enjoy every new day that he was given in it. He’s joyful and bright, and lives every day to it’s full. His boundless energy can be hard to keep up with, and in this respect he’s more like the mortal races of Middle-earth than the patient elves. He’s also got a cheeky side to him, and he’s not afraid to tease his peers. Even in the gravest of dangers he teases Frodo a little about the danger he bears. Think more the playful songs that the elves sing at the dwarves in the Hobbit than Elrond and Galadriel, even though those two are his peers in most regards.

As with all elves, Glorfindel is more attune to the world around him than humans, and this means that he pays attention to it. He’s kind and gentle to animals and other people, and he can be surprisingly soft for a warrior. There are times when he has to be cruel to be kind – when he pushes the Hobbits harder than they’d like towards Rivendell to make sure that they reach it safely – but he’d much rather just be gentle. He’s also generous, seen again in the way that he gives his life, but in smaller ways as well. He’s got few personal possessions, and aside from his weapons which he needs to know he can rely on, is free with all of his things.

Any differences:Unlike Glorfindel, Gabriel has never had to fight, and while he is in good physical condition for his age, he has barely any experience in fighting, and none at all in warfare. He much prefers to fight verbally than physically, and this allows him to match Glorfindel in a debate without the life experience that Glorfindel has, but means that he’s no match for him physically. It also means that his experience of leading others comes from a peaceful setting, having to win them over with words and actions, rather than having to prove himself on the field as well.

While he has seen awful things through his charity work it’s always been the aftermath rather than the actual event and this allows him to be a bit more naïve about the realities of things, and means that he’s not weighed down by the memory of the things that he’s seen. Nether Glorfindel or Gabriel are the type to allow bad memories to defeat them, but Glorfindel has had more time to process them. In particular, Gabriel would find himself belittling himself for not doing more, so not having suffered through them saves him that angst. On the other hand, not having to have dealt with that means that Glorfindel is more able to cope with atrocities than Gabriel is, and should Gabriel face anything like the battles that Glorfindel faced he would have to deal with the trauma afterwards.

For Glorfindel, fighting is a way to protect people, and it’s the reason why he fights. Gabriel’s way of protecting and helping people is through his charities, and he pours the same amount of dedication and time into them as Glorfindel does being a captain. They are his true passion, and if he had enough money to just work with them he would take that up instantly. However, the best way to get publicity is through the press, and that means that Gabriel has had to come to embrace the small measure of fame he has. Glorfindel will avoid talking about his death, but Gabriel will use his past if it means he can shoe horn his causes into the conversation. For example, he would quite willingly do a photoshoot and an interview as long as he was given free reign to talk mostly about his charities (although he understands that public interest means that he has to discuss other things as well). Unlike Glorfindel he will play up his past for his own devices, although both find that their fame causes them embarrassment. Gabriel is seen very differently to Glorfindel, though, more as an outsider, a figure of interest because of his looks and because he doesn’t fit in with the norm. Whereas Glorfindel is looked up to, Gabriel is looked down on for being a bit of a hippy.

Gabriel is much more studious than Glorfindel was, and while both would rather avoid paperwork, Gabriel finds it easier to buckle down. This is partly due to his upbringing – being sent to school as a child and the expectation of good grades, but also due to his environment. Glorfindel would much rather be outside doing things, but having been brought up in London Gabriel’s draw to the outside isn’t as strong. They both are restless, but as he’s aged Gabriel finds that he has less energy than he had as a boy, which means that he’s become more patient.

Both men are very aware of their mortality, but both came to it through different ways. Having died once already and been stuck in the halls of Mandos for a long time Glorfindel has sworn to enjoy the world around him more. Gabriel, on the other hand, is mortal and when he dies it will be permanent. Like most teenagers he had no concept of his mortality when he was younger, but as he’s grown older he’s become much more aware of it. Like Glorfindel, he’s sworn to enjoy what time he has, but he’s also much more weary about what he does and more careful to treat his body well. The only exception to this is when other people are in danger – Gabriel knows that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if someone should be hurt when he could have done something to help, and he always will, even if it means that he ends up more hurt than the other person would have been.

One minor difference between Glorfindel and Gabriel is that Gabriel is teetotal. It’s a choice made primarily for taste reasons rather than moral (and if he had access to elf wine he might think again) and not one that he will flaunt, only bringing it up if necessary or directly asked. He’s disapproving of drugs, but not of the people that take them, and while he’d always offer his help for anyone who wants to get off them, he works towards making life safer for users than harder. His homeless shelters always have safe spaces for users with nurses and needles, but also support systems for those who want to come off drugs. Again, it’s not something he brings up unless pressed or if it’s relevant.

Abilities: Immortality – elves don’t grow old and die. They can be killed, and if they lose the will to live they will fade away and die, but it’s more like their bodies are killed off and they go to dwell in the halls of Mandos until he deems them ready to be given a new one. They don’t get ill in the same way that humans do, though they can be poisoned, and they’re hardy. They can sleep and will do if they need to (if they’re injured or particularly weary) but most of the time go into a meditative like state in which they can communicate with each other instead. The effects of temperature are lessened on them and they aren’t particularly bothered by the cold.

Heightened senses – elves have much better sight and hearing than humans. This also ties into a connection with the earth and the creatures on it which allows them to get a feel for the emotions of animals, and also get their own emotions across to them in a simple way, although the more intelligent the animal the better this will work. They’re also lightfooted, and rarely leave tracks. On snow they walk over it where other races would sink into it.

Foresight – Generally this is restricted to older elves or those with high lineage, but some elves (and humans) are graced with foresight. Glorfindel is the one who made the prediction that the Witch-king would be slain by no mortal man, and he also says that his ‘heart warns’ him that the Nazgûl are close when they approach the Fords of Bruinen which could be read as another prediction. What can be seen from this is that he can’t be certain about his prophecies and that they’re feelings rather than clear predictions, probably triggered by danger to himself or to his friend, and by evil.

Spirit – All elves are blessed, but having died and been brought back, and in particular the way that he died (sacrificing himself for others in the face of a demonic power) means that Glorfindel is special in this. It’s something that’s visible and radiant on him, it repels evil forces and allows him to withstand creatures as evil as the Witch-king. It’s the elven sprit that makes Frodo sees in him when he sees him as a shining figure on the Fords of the Bruinen when he’s dying of the Morgul blade.

Healing – Glorfindel is a warrior, and healing is not one of his major abilities, but as an elf he has some natural healing ability which he uses on Frodo to lessen the affect of the Morgul wound. He says that he’s no match for Elrond, but given that Elrond is primarily a healer that’s no surprise and doesn’t say much. Basically, he has the ability to lessen the effect of evil weapons on people. He’ll also have basic first aid knowledge from wars.

Languages – Sindarin, Quenyan (high elvish, out of use by the time of LotR. More or less the equivalent to latin), Westron (the equivalent to English, commonly used by men and Hobbits) also both the Tengwar edit 24/1: cirth (runic) and Fëanorian alphabets. Even though there’s no examples of him using Quenyan, there’s no way he wouldn’t have used it; it would have been his birth tongue.

Weapons – Glorfindel’s primary weapon is a sword, but given how long he’s been around it’s likely that he’s skilful with more than just that. Elves are known for their skill with bows and knives.

Tactician – given his role of captain and the amount of wars that he’s fought in it’s not much of a leap to assume that he is a competent tactician, and that at least knows the basics of how to structure a battle. With his experience (and the outcome of the one battle we know of where he had most control), I’d go further than that and say that he’s good at it, though as with everything he’s still primarily compulsive and works on feelings and reacting to what’s happening rather than prior planning.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Two test drive threads here!

Roleplay Sample - Network: a dear player post and also:

[Although Gabriel’s been aware of the network for almost three months now and posting on it for two, it’s the first time he’s shown his face to those he hadn’t already revealed his face to outside of it. Sometimes a little bit of anonymity is needed, but unfortunately it seems he no longer has a choice.

Some people might recognise him as the c list celebrity always shoving his charities in people’s faces, others might recognise him from the university, and a few might recognise from the peak of his modelling days. Those who do will notice that he doesn’t look as old as he did (or for those who recognise him from when he was younger that he looks much younger than he should). Assuming that most people won’t know it, though, he opens his post by explaining his problem with a wry smile.

I appear to be growing young again and it’s a problem. [He’s aware that most people would be pretty happy with the cards he’s been dealt but when there’s recent photographic evidence of how old you looked last month and you’re trying to stay under cover it’s a pain in the arse.] I think this has gone beyond the point where I can claim I’ve had surgery now. [Reaching up he touches where his hairline has returned. It’ll take a little getting used to, all of this. At least he has more energy than he did.] As long as I stop before I become a teenager again! Dealing with that once was bad enough. [He laughs. It’s a serious problem, but that doesn’t mean that he has to deal with it seriously.]

I had been hoping to stay in work a while longer, but it’s not going to be possible like this. [Fortunately, while he’s pumped most of his money into his charity, he owns his flat, and has a small amount set aside, so while he’ll have to abandon what he had been doing he isn’t completely buggered.] Which led me to wondering – for those of you who also have echoes that mean that you can’t be out and about, what do you do to spend your time?

Any Questions? Nope!
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Name: Gilbert
Preferred Pronoun: He/him/his
Contact: [ profile] purplefluffychainsaw or PM

Name: Glorfindel
Canon: Silmarillion/The Lord of the Rings - Tolkien's Middle-earth
AU: More of a specific U: combined Silm and LOTR canon.

Pull-point: From his sailing from Middle-earth after the end of the Third Age, but before he reached Valinor

Power Opt-in post link: Here!

Content Opt-out post link: Here!

Age: At least 7000, but born before the First Age. Looks to be in his mid-late twenties.

Gender/Sex: Male

Appearance: Tall (well over six foot), blonde, has a ridiculous amount of hair. Muscled for an elf, although more 'athletic/otter mode' in human terms. For those sensitive to it, he has a very powerful fëa, visible as a strong white glow.  Smiles a lot and full of energy (not a nervous energy, but more like the big dog boundless energy type).  Androgynous and graceful.

PB is Andreja Pejic, who is a very androgynous and beautiful lady that I wouldn't use as a PB for him if she wasn't absolutely perfect.
PB image under cut )

History: Was born in the land of the Gods and was married into the king's family (his sister married Turgon).  Followed a headstrong idiot out of paradise, and was forced to walk across a frozen over sea to reach Middle-earth.  In Middle-earth he stayed close to his brother-in-law and was his captain through many bloody wars, most of which they avoided by building a hidden city and hiding in it.  When the hidden city was found, he died heroically defending it and it's people and because he was so brave and courageous (no really) rather than being brought back to life on the island of the gods like most elves he was sent back to Middle-earth to do more good deeds.

In Middle-earth for the second time he stuck by his brother-in-law's great grandson (Elrond) and was his captain through many bloody wars and helped him create Rivendell, because a hidden valley is obviously going to work as well as a hidden city.  When the new evil overlord's underling, the Witchking, was being a bitch he rode out to help kick his arse and at the end of that prophesied that 'no man shall kill him' because all elves are a bit psychic, even the ones that are brawn over brains.  Many years later he saved Frodo from the Witchking and his friends and led him to Rivendell while being a snarky bastard, and then helped Aragorn chase the Nazgul into the river.  He was also there at the council of Elrond, but just stated the obvious and carried on.  Was considered as a member of the Fellowship but Merry and Pippin were sent instead because he was too fabulous and flashy.

Personality: Glorfindel is a fighter: he's been a warrior since wars started.  However, he's a warrior out of defence rather than for his own gain, and out of loyalty for his king and for his people.  He's pretty much a Big Damn Hero and will (and did) give his life to protect the people under his care.  As a captain and lord of a house, he's used to command, and very charismatic, but also good at listening to people and taking on board their ideas and opinions.  However, most noticeably, he's absolutely full of life, very energetic and a little over the top.  He's playful and can be childish and sarcastic, but overall he means well and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  

Abilities: He can fight, especially with a sword and with pole arms (less so with archery, but he's still capable).  He's also a leader and can organise people and a house, as well as war and home defence tactics.  His life as a warrior has made it essential that he knows a small amount of first aid and is a capable tracker, hunter and woodsman.  As an elf, he has a strong connection with nature and animals and has a small amount of contact with them.  He's unaging and does't get ill, although he can be killed in battle or by grief.  Elves also don't need to sleep.  He has a stronger spirit than most elves because of how he died, which can repel evil beings and allow him to endure them.  He also has the gift of foresight, although only just: he's not a scholar or particularly magically gifted in comparison to other elves of his lineage/generation.

Inventory: Elven sword

Anything else: When Glorfindel was in before he didn't do much of note aside from talk to people.  He did go to Rivendell, but didn't take anything away from anything.  He was living in Deepwood but didn't have much of a permanent home, so his inventory hasn't really changed.  Although he was planning on a further trip he was dropped before he actually went.  When I dropped I had him recalled by the music and there's no canon for him to be updated by so I'll just have him wake up again.
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 O! What are you doing,
And where are you going?
Your ponies need shoeing!
The river is flowing!
O! tra-la-la-lally
here down in the valley!

O! What are you seeking,
And where are you making?
The faggots are reeking,
The bannocks are baking!
O! tri-lil-lil-lolly
the valley is jolly,
ha! ha!

Oh! Where are you going
With beards all a-wagging?
No knowing, no knowing
What brings Master Baggins
And Balin and Dwalin
down into the valley
in June
ha! ha!

O! Will you be staying,
Or will you be flying?
Your ponies are straying!
The daylight is dying!
To fly would be folly,
To stay would be jolly
And listen and hark
Til the end of the dark
to our tune
ha! ha!


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